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You know that feeling you get after you've organized your house? When all of your laundry has been washed and hung according to color, when everything in the drawer is in the right place, when the floor is so clean it's sparkling? No? Well, you can try and imagine what that would feel like?or you can just visit Brasilia, Brazil. Brasilia is, perhaps, one of the most unique cities in the world. Celebrating the progress and power of Brazil, Brasilia is a masterfully planned and executed city. What was once an empty, sprawling desert took only five years to become the masterpiece it is today. Everything about Brasilia was thought through-from the architecture to the city layout to the residents who reside there. Everything has its place including extravagant shopping, modern buildings, natural beauties (such as natural swimming pools, waterfalls, and city parks), cultural spectacles, and tourists hoping to get a taste of tradition mixed with innovation.
Photo Credit: Christian Knepper
Photo Credit: Christian Knepper
Photo Credit: Christian Knepper

The capital of Brazil

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is in the Unesco's World Heritage List due to its architecture, which was planned by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer.

The infra-structure provides to tourists a variety of options with about 7.000 pubs and 3.500 restaurants. Brasila has an intense night life and cultural also abundant natural wealth like waterfalls, caves, lakes, etc.



The people of Brasilia :

            For the construction of Brasília , people came from various regions of the country . They were the pioneers in search of better living conditions , dazzled by the prospect of work and attracted by the proposal of a better salary . They lived in the " Free City " today Bandeirante and also in Vila Planalto . Many buildings - many of them in wood, are preserved until today and are part of the historical heritage of the city .

            Thus , the city received accents , culture and customs of people who came from all regions of Brazil , mobilized quickly to implement this great historical enterprise .

            The city's population is predominantly young . Perhaps because their cultural differences and diversity of customs , these youngsters have not incorporated any of its pronunciation regional accents brought so many sites .

            At festivals , customs , folklore , culture , certainly must remain rooted regionalism more strongly tested here by migratory flows coming from all points of the compass . The time and that we have defined what stays and what goes from there. These young people will gradually marking the city's cultural identity .

 Brasilia - Cathedral of Our Lady of Aparecida ( Photo : Brazil Portal )

Its economy :

            The most important economic activity of the city is inspiring its own proposal , ie , its administrative function . So its industrial planning is studied very carefully by the Government of the Federal District . It is intended to preserve the city , encouraging the development of non-polluting industries such as software industry , film , video , gemology among others , with emphasis on environmental preservation and maintaining ecological balance .

            Agriculture and poultry occupy a prominent place in the economy brasiliense . A green belt in the Region of Brasilia geoeconomical supplies the city and has been exporting food to other locations .

            The Pilot Plan of Brasília today has the highest per capita income in Brazil and the best national average inhabitants / phone , people / vehicle among other indices .

Its climate :

            It is often rationalize climate information from Brasilia , saying that there are only two climatic periods in the year : the dry and wet seasons , the first from April to mid-October and the second from mid October to March . Invariably , the driest month of the year is August. The coldest month is July . In the remainder of the year , the climate is mild and pleasant , with temperatures averaging 24 degrees . Rarely reaches the temperature of maximum 30 ° and 15 ° minimum . It is usual to oscillate between 22 and 28 degrees.

 Brasilia - Banking Sector South in the background ( Photo : Brazil Portal )

His life and tourism :

            The quality of life of the population of Brasilia , is located within the most advanced standards of excellence . Certainly , being political and administrative headquarters of the Republic , Brasilia is endowed with basic infrastructure such as security, health care , schools and transport at the level of efficiency found in few places in the country. It has a modern international airport - 3rd city in the country in moving traffic - subway, a huge fleet of urban buses and road transport for the whole country .

            The traffic has been easier , but still allows to move great distances in minutes , that cause the townspeople to acquire certain customs peculiar to some other populations in big cities . In February 2011, has reached a staggering 1,249,928 vehicles licensed ( increase of 25 % in four years when he reached the first million ) . The GDP per capita is the highest in the country with R $ 45,977.59 - more than twice the national average - and more than one fifth of the population has incomes above U.S. $ 1,350.00 (2007 ) .

            The city parks and bottled water ( 32,000 hectares ) , are places of high concentration of people of all classes , especially on weekends and holidays. Several physical and cultural activities are developed in the City Park - one of the largest in the world . There are also options around the city , such as the jump Itiquira near Formosa -GO -GO and Pirenópolis , historic town apart two hours drive from Brasilia .

            Another habit peculiar to the inhabitants of the city is that of receptions to friends , held in domestic premises or social and sports clubs . The city has clubs high level , usually on the edge of Lake Paranoá , provides many sports and leisure options for families . The city has the 3rd largest fleet of registered boats , boats and nautical vessels in general throughout the country .

            Brasília has also in the Pilot Plan - South and North Lakes - the largest concentration in Brazil and perhaps global , pool houses in high quality standard , also around Lake Paranoá . Clues modern , well maintained and clean surrounding the entire city .

            Other highlights are also monuments and public buildings , modern forms and bold and historic buildings such as Catetinho - first official residence of the president of the republic . How attractive also highlight the TV Tower overlooking the entire city , craft fairs , the International Speedway Nelson Piquet with large national and international sports activities , the Don Bosco Chapel , Don Bosco Church , Cathedral , Botanical Garden and Zoo . The city has outstanding hotel infrastructure , most hotels and flats of 4 and 5 star - the largest national concentration , adequate amount of taxis , tour companies , car rental companies and helicopter tours .

            However, like any big city , there are also slums , areas with large concentrations of low-income population , especially in the surroundings . The tourist who comes to the city by car , soon realizes that in the vicinity of the city . Therefore, because of political promises of governors of the Federal District , which encouraged the exodus of other regions to the city which eventually causing rising unemployment and violence . To combat this, Brasilia has the most modern fleet of vehicles for traffic enforcement and public safety of the country and also proportionately larger amount of civilian police and military men in the streets , although the concentration is mainly to give the pilot plan .

 Ministries - South Side ( Photo : Brazil Portal )

Its architecture :

            Cultural Heritage of Humanity . This is the title given to the greatest architecture of Brasilia , the United Nations - UN. Lúcio Costa , his urban designer and Oscar Niemeyer , the architect of the most important buildings in Brasília , achieved complete harmony between volumes , spaces and forms .

            The skyline was preserved as a characteristic of the natural relief and the town is just cut in your blue gradient sky . The extensive green lawns and colorful gardens are the natural tone giving the buildings which seem to have no weight on the ground . The architectural lines adopted for the support columns and facades of buildings are of unparalleled beauty . The glazed facades of modern commercial buildings reflect the city , multiplying the beautiful reflection of architectural images as a futuristic dream .

 Ministries - north side ( Photo : Brazil Portal )

His soul :

            Long ago, prophecies and visions involve the city of Brasilia from the "vision of Don Bosco ." There are numerous sects and religions proliferate and are practiced in the city .

            Brasilia , according to seers , is exposed to strong cosmic energies . It is a perfect landing strip for extraterrestrial visitors , according to ufologists , organizing night vigils periodic contacts to any degree with other life forms in the cosmos .

            Kabbalistic coincidences , this structural and historical city with other civilizations , lead theorists to study and formulate concepts that are empowered to Brasilia , giving it the title of capital of the civilization of the third millennium , or capital of civilization Aquarian .

            Be that as it may , the fact is that this city is blessed by nature and exposes in some late afternoon sky so beautifully brushed by shades of bright colors that suddenly , one gets the impression that at any moment this immense chromatic harmony , lights , shadows and shapes will appear something like a spaceship .

Praca dos Tres Poderes (Three Powers Square)

The Praca dos Tres Poderes is where you will find a mixture of Brasilia's most important buildings, monuments and museums, a number of which have been designed by prominent Brazilian architects.
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Brasilia City Tour

Tour buses visit the majority of the main tourist attractions, whilst also providing an understanding of the general layout of the city. Customized tours are available when required, while if you are lacking in time, a ten-minute helicopter tour may be more suitable, allowing you to fully appreciate the city's unusual 'airplane' design, with these tours being operated by Esat Aero taxi and departing next to the Television Tower. Those trying to sightsee on the cheap may like to combine long walks with public bus transportation.
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Parque Nacional de Brasilia (National Park)

Located on the northern outskirts of the city, the Parque Nacional de Brasilia was officially created in 1961 and covers an area of more than 74,100 acres / 30,000 hectares. Home to a wealth of Brazilian flora and fauna, the National Park comes with many appealing attractions, including natural swimming pools, mature palms and coconut trees, and pathways around the shoreline of the central Barragem Santa Maria (Santa Maria Lake).
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