Bavarian Alps

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Nestled on Germany's Austria border, the Bavarian Alps are responsibly for the picturesque views of German mountainside that you may picture in your mind. Its low population and respect for tradition have kept this European gem beautifully untainted. Ancient castles and shrines dot the landscape while shockingly steep mountains add a uniqueness to the scenery. While the Bavarian Alps can't boast the biggest mountains in the world, they do the absolute best with what they've been blessed with. Steep, impeccable resorts offer world-class skiing and snowboarding. But the summer visitor, likewise, won't be disappointed, as the Alps's abundant wildlife, thick forests, and glacial lakes provide excellent hiking.
Photo Credit: GNTB Siehe Bildquelle
Photo Credit: GNTB Siehe Bildquelle
Photo Credit: GNTB Pierre Buro Gaff Adenis
Photo Credit: GNTB Pierre Buro Gaff Adenis
Photo Credit: GNTB Birgit Fuder
Photo Credit: GNTB Maria Sauer
Photo Credit: GNTB Siehe Bildquelle
Photo Credit: GNTB Siehe Bildquelle
Photo Credit: GNTB Andrew Cowin
Photo Credit: GNTB Siehe Bildquelle
Photo Credit: GNTB Andrew Cowin


We were practically set up to love this area of Germany. We started out in Munich with a rental car upgrade from an employee who recently got back from Las Vegas. He clearly won big because he gave us a BMW 7-class car when we ordered the cheapest thing on wheels. Wow! What a different the Autobahn experience was with that treat.

We drove to the Neuschwanstein Castle (what Cinderella's Castle was modeled after) passing rolling hills and farms. It was a beautiful drive, though there is a train that runs close by as well. There are two castles in the town along with various restaurants and souvenir shops. You can only drive so far up the mountain so wear comfortable walking shoes.

Tip: Bring change, there are pay toilets just outside the castle.

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Mountains Full of History

I couldn't help but think of all the history that had taken place in and around the Bavarian Alps. What started out as an opportunity to hit Oktoberfest in Munich was actually the beginning of a peek into part of World War II history.
Salzburg, Austria, touches the border of the Bavarian Alps, and offers learning opportunities that extend beyond hitting spots where Sound of Music was filmed or where Mozart composed The Magic Flute. Berchtesgarden, Germany, is an incredible Bavarian town, where locals still decorate their relatives (who have died hundreds of years earlier) graves. It also serves as a gateway to explore Kehlsteinhaus, or The Eagles Nest - Hitler's resting area during WWII. Hiking abounds, as do explorations of salt caves that give the Salzburg area it's name. Have a cream cheese filled strudel and try delicious local cheeses.

German Alpine Road

The German Alpine Road stretches along some 450 km from Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden where the spectacular landscape annually draws thousands of visitors from all over the world. The idea of linking the individual towns, villages and points of interest along the way was first born many years ago.
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Picture Guide to the Romantic Road

Germany's best known and most popular tourist route is now available in practical pocket-book format, which enables visitors to explore the 410 kilometers of the Romantic Road as a whole or in stages.
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Cycling Lake Constance to Lake Königssee

From its starting point in Lindau the cycle tour wends its way through the hilly landscape of the Allgäu. With stunning views of the Bavarian Alps along the way the tour takes us to Hohenschwangau where we can enjoy one of the most famous postcard motifs in the whole of Germany: Neuschwanstein palace.
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